Patrik Ward

Story and UX Designer

Excavating Design

I stumbled across design in an unusual way. Raised from a young age to be curious about other cultures, my professional training centered around the study of archaeology and the complex systems of human societies. I became accustomed to conducting use-wear analysis on artifacts and thinking in terms of agents and emergent behavior.

It was on a field expedition to document a sunken gold dredge in Colorado that I became infected by a passion for design — and was asked a question that caused a total course correction in my studies.


About Me

Story and UX Design

My name is Patrik Ward and I tell stories through design. I use my background in anthropology to craft designs that are beautiful, usable, and meaningful. I am just as happy in a state-of-the-art lab as I am out in the field interviewing users and tracking down errant pixels, and I love to back up my hunches with hard data.

You can find me experimenting on Dribbble, surfacing for air on Twitter, and curating topics that I'm passionate about on Gibbon.

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Custom illustration & Web Design

I occasionally do custom architectural illustrations and freelance design work. If you think I'd be a good match for your project or have something in mind, we should talk!