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I've been fortunate to work with many great teams over the years, and I've collected a few of my most interesting experiences below.

Researching GoDaddy's new Link-in-Bio feature

Lessons learned: Building in a competitive market, GTM research, product naming
I led user research for GoDaddy’s link-in-bio website builder. The goal was to empower small businesses to quickly create a website that unifies all of their online presence into a single place.
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User Research to Improve iOS Activation

Lessons learned: Difficulty of improving top-level metrics, onboarding, effective journey mapping
After I joined Over as their first UX Researcher, one of my first tasks was to join the team that was trying to improve the activation rate of the iOS app. We needed to gain a deeper understanding of our customer and test many small experiments.
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Building a QA testing process for Flinto

Lessons learned: Mobile app design, prototyping, QA testing
I joined the Flinto team as a part-time contractor to help them build out their QA testing process and to improve the overall quality of each update.
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